Learn to chart your cycles using fertility awareness

Note: I am currently working with clients in my capacity as a Justisse College HRHP Intern in order to gain my certification as a Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE). During this period, my work is overseen (in full confidentiality) by an experienced faculty member of Justisse College. Additionally, at this time the prices for my services (listed below) are at a highly reduced rate and will increase upon conferment of my certification. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn the method and become confident charting your cycles at a significantly lower cost. These spaces are limited so be sure to contact me soon to secure your place.

Sessions will begin early December 2021.

Justisse Method Beginner's Bundle

¥2,000 RMB | $320 USD


  • Charting kit (includes Justisse Method User Guide, 6 charts, 2 pages of stamps, BBT thermometer)

  • Three months free charting with the Read Your Body app

  • Introductory Session One (group or individual) - 1 hour

  • Justisse Method Introductory Session Two (group or individual) - 1 hour

  • 3 individual one-on-one follow up sessions - 1 hour per session

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • Unlimited WeChat, email or phone support between sessions



A one time payment of ¥2,000 RMB or $320 USD is made at the time of booking. Payment can be made via WeChat Pay, Alipay or PayPal. Contact me directly to arrange payment and reserve your place.

Additional 1-hour follow up sessions can be purchased at a rate of ¥300 RMB or $50 USD per session, or, in a package of 3 for ¥850 RMB or $145 USD. Payment is made at the time of booking. 


Introductory Session One (group or individual) - Week one

This first Introductory Session includes an introduction to female and male reproductive anatomy and physiology, the hormones that govern the menstrual and ovarian cycles and the process of conception and fertilization.

Justisse Method Introductory Session Two (group or individual) - Week one

The second Introductory Session introduces you to the methodology of the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness where you will learn everything you need to know to begin your cycle charting journey.


Follow up sessions:


In these sessions we will work together to enhance your charting skills, increase your ability in identifying and categorizing the different types of cervical mucus, make sense of the information your charts are showing and evolve your confidence in using the method for your unique needs.


  • Follow up session 1: 2-3 weeks after Introductory Session Two

  • Follow up session 2: 2-3 weeks after follow up session 1

  • Follow up session 3: 3-4 weeks after follow up session 2


Email or WeChat support is available between sessions.

All sessions are conducted online

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